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Born in Italy, I was drawn to Yoga at the age of 18 and deepened into the spiritual practice in parallel with my career as a Physicist. I met KY as taught by Yogi Bhajan in London in 1999 and, under Shiv Charan Singh's supervision, I have become a KRI certified KY Teacher level 1-2. I am a KRI certified Professional Trainer and I organize KYTT level 1 and 2 in Italy. I am a Karam Kriya Counsellor and Trainer and a certified practitioner of Chavutti Thirumal, the ancient Indian healing art of massage with the feet. I travel and teach in Italy and abroad. I have translated Shiv Charan Singh's book and I have contributed to KRI approved translations of KY manuals. I speak Italian, English French. I play guitar and sing and I have recorded a CD of mantras named Nidhaan Sacred Chants.

English, French, Italian