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Jasjot Kaur is from Taiwan, living in Greece. M.A in International PR in Cardiff University,UK. Jasjot means as Glorious & Radiant as God, she will realize her own true self, the soul, and experience her own light as part of God, becoming one with the One and the radiant light that is a guide for everyone. Her Chinese name is Ai-Yun, Ai means Love and Yun means every being. Her parents gave her this name and hope she can love every being. The journey of Kundalini Yoga helped her to be authentic and find inner strength to face the challenges of life gracefully. She walks on her destiny path by using the given light & love to teach and serve humanity. Being grateful to be raised by a spiritual mother who told Jasjot “Your thought vibrates the whole Universe” when she was just a little girl. Working in a global company as a PR helped her to accumulate the ability of communication and organization, however she decided to follow her heart to focus on her spiritual path since 2005. Her spiritual journey contains many places for different courses & trainings, including India, USA, Europe, Thailand, Taiwan & China.

English, Japanese, Chinese

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Level Two Vitality and Stress — Taipei City, Taiwan, Feb 20, 2024 to May 25, 2024

English, Chinese