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SAT NAM, Born in Israel, I came across the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhajan in 1975, in the Mother-Ashram of KY in Amsterdam. Since, life brought me to many places of learning, and teaching many Yoga sessions. Along with teaching regular yoga classes, intensive workshops, Level 1 Teacher Training (Professional), I have founded in 2007 the "Kundalini Yoga-Doula School" (KYDS) Teacher Training to accompany and Serve mothers through the sacred journey of giving birth. Based in the southern Alps of France, I travel to teach near and far, in English and French.

In 1999 a mystical experience made me realize the reality, and brought a radical change in my life. I started to study Sanatana Dharma with meditation, bhajan and seva, with many journeys to India. In 2006 I discovered Kundalini Yoga and started a teacher training. In the same year. I began to teach. I am Karam Kriya consultant/teacher since 2009, KY trainer level 1 since 2010 (actually professional). In September 2018 I have opened with my beloved, a KY center in Marseille - Santh Janaa Center. Here we teach weekly class, Gong relaxation, Teacher Training Level 1, and many others activities linked to Yogi Bhajan's teachings.

French, English