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Currently I am teaching two weekly Kundalini yoga class at the Yoga Lotus on line. The workshops I have done the past few years include Art and Yoga, Understanding Habits with Superhealth, Working with fear, and PTSD overview workshop with Karta Purkh and Sat Inder. Last year I helped with their Level one training in Kansas City traveling to their ashram monthly. I have trained in an anatomy course, and am in training for acupuncture to understand and explore yogic anatomy and healing. My art business has been transformed by years of yoga training in a beautiful way through paintings, & note cards. Our local environmental activism has been supported and strengthened by our yoga classes. Wha-he Guru


Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level Two Vitality and Stress — 505 Boulder Ct, Norman, OK 73072, USA, Feb 17, 2024 to Jul 13, 2024