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When more than 10 years ago Kundalini Yoga came into my life and this practice began to change my life, showed me my strengths - to hold on, not to give up and go forward, the intention to carry this knowledge further arose by itself. And now my true passion and deep intention is to make sacred knowledge in its purest and unchanging form available to thousands of people throughout Russia and abroad. So that the space of these teachers is accessible not only to the chosen ones. So that neither Finance nor knowledge of the language and other circumstances could not limit people looking for effective ways of transformation and elevation of their life and life in General. And I know that thousands and thousands of people across our country deserve to learn from the greatest teachers of our time, without spending a lot of money and time, but investing their intention, patience and discipline. And I also know that by exalting ourselves, uplifting others, and serving each other, we can make our world a brighter and better place!

English, Russian