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Dr. ShamRang Singh Khalsa, M.D., provides models for individual and group healing through a revolutionary merging of Ayurveda/Yoga and allopathic medicine, eastern and western science. Dr. ShamRang’s process utilizes meditation with a strong focus on helping people open to their own self-healing. Over forty years ago, his deep interest in yoga, energy work, the healing power of foods, and the human auric field brought him serendipitously to find the path of Kundalini Yoga and meditation as a student of Yogi Bhajan. He has trained in Ayurveda and Japanese acupuncture. With an M.I.T. undergraduate degree in nutritional science, then medical school, residency in Internal Medicine, and more than 30-year practice of Emergency Medicine, Dr. ShamRang has been able to integrate western medical practice and family life with an impeccable 2-4 hour daily spiritual practice of over 3 decades. He currently is a Professional Trainer in the Aquarian Teacher Academy and teaches regularly at the ashram in Millis, Massachusetts. He has also taught at the Omega Institute, Kripalu, Sat Nam Fest, and Solstice gatherings, with upcoming engagements at Sivananda Ashram and Yogaville. Dr. ShamRang is available for private consultations, workshops and speaking engagements.


Harbhajan Kaur Khalsa is a Level 1 & 2 Lead Trainer with an acknowledged specialty in Mantra & Shabd Guru; and KRI approval as a trainer for "21 Stages of Meditation". In deep gratitude for 27 years learning at the feet of Yogi Bhajan, the Siri Singh Sahib, she continues to learn from his teachings and "pays forward" by teaching from this vast treasury. Harbhajan Kaur brings extensive training and experience in both Classical Eastern and Western styles of music and notation to her yoga, meditation, kirtan and voice classes. She holds a masters and professional experience as a teacher of English, literature, and creative writing; as a journalist; and as a singer/musician. It is her aim to make learning liberating and enjoyable. She teaches in New England, New York, at Solstices, wherever and whenever destiny allows.


Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level Two Conscious Communication — 333 Mt Cliff Rd, Hurleyville, NY 12747, USA, Sep 13, 2019 to Jan 12, 2020
Level Two Mind and Meditation — Millis, MA 02054, USA, Oct 4, 2019 to Nov 4, 2019

Siri Sevak Kaur is a compassionate and gifted teacher of teachers in Kundalini Yoga. Her own immersion in mantra, music and Sikh Dharma bring additional depth and beauty to the training. She lives and teaches at Guru Ram Das Ashram in Millis, Massachusetts, and teaches in Level 1 trainings and Level 2 trainings in Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut. She teaches Gurmukhi and Japji teleclasses to Kundalini Yoga students around the world. For more information go to