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Satmukh Singh is a KRI* certified Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer for Level 1 and Level 2 programmes, and Mentoring Lead. He is also a trainer in the SunChild program to teach Kundalini Yoga to children and develop awareness on conscious parenting. Qualified in Tantric Numerology, he offers Numerology consultations. Together with his wife Sat Sarbat Kaur he created in 2015 an Aquarian Numerology Training for numerology consultants. Satmukh Singh is also a healer in Sat Nam Rasayan. In 2012, he and his wife founded AAA, Ajai Alai Awakening. The school offers a path of self-initiation and self-qualification through Kundalini Yoga and complementary disciplines in several countries (Europe, Asia & Australia). We believe that a close relationship to a teacher who can support you (Guruchela) and a community where you can be true and authentic (Sat Sangat) are essential for your spiritual and personal growth.

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Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level Two Lifecycles and Lifestyles — Bergamo, Province of Bergamo, Italy, Mar 14, 2023 to Jun 17, 2023
Level Two Authentic Relationships — Prague, Czechia, Apr 4, 2023 to Jul 8, 2023
21 Stages of Meditation - All Journeys — Kunming, Yunnan, China, May 9, 2023 to Jul 6, 2023