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Avtar Kaur, born in France, lives with her family near Frankfort, Germany. Formely a journalist, Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya simultaniously crossed her path when meeting Yogi Bhajan and Shiv Charan Singh in 1998. Certified KRI Level 1 and 2 and an Associate in the Aquarian Teacher Academy and Karam Kriya trainer and Consultant. She teaches Kundalini Yoga in trainings and workshops in different European countries as well as in the USA ( Summer Solstice and 3HO International Woman’s Camp, NM). Organiser of the first International Karam Kriya Women’s Camps, co-founder of the program Divine Woman-Divine Mother- based on the teachings of Karam Kriya and Kundalini Yoga. ( and She Co-owns with her husband of the company Sat Nam Europe while happily raising two Kundalini children (14 and 17)!

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Teaching kundalini yoga in 1971, a seriously long time ago. Appreciation for this marvelous science has grown. My link with the golden chain has strengthened. I feel blessed to be part of this noble tradition, including living 14 years in Espanola ashram attending classes with Yogiji. Since 1996 I am teaching throughout Europe. The Divine Human school offers Level 1, Level 2 and Radiant Child teacher training programs. During the year are special workshops. This years theme is 'The Good Life'. In 2012 we began a new workshop, the ZERO Training. Getting to zero is the goal of kundalini yoga and in this course we use both conventional and unusual processes to get achieve this goal. It is a great opportunity for different kinds of people. For contact information: You can also get there through and "Thinking is a substitute for trust." gm