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Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level One Teacher Training — Witten, Germany, May 20, 2017 to Sep 9, 2018
Level Two Mind and Meditation — Frankfurt, Germany, Jan 18, 2018 to Aug 25, 2018
Level One Teacher Training — Frankfurt, Germany, Apr 21, 2018 to Jun 9, 2019
Level Two Conscious Communication — Frankfurt, Germany, Aug 30, 2018 to Mar 2, 2019
Level Two Lifecycles and Lifestyles — Frankfurt, Germany, May 8, 2019 to Aug 13, 2019

Kartar Kaur Mahler has taught weekly Kundalini Yoga classes since 2001. She is a non-medical practitioner for animals since 1993. She also was the organizer and teacher in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings in Frankfurt, Gießen and Schweinfurt. Naad Yoga Teacher Trainer, teaching of piano/organ and other classical instruments, voice-training, initiator of Kundalini- and Naad Yoga centre SAT KARTAR, mother of four children. Teaches in level 1 KYTT Germany since 2008, teaches any topic since 2016. Organisation level 2 teacher training in Frankfurt.


Teacher Trainer since 2008, currently in several Teacher-Trainings in Germany: Erfurt, Giessen, Frankfurt, Göttingen, Mainz, Franken and Ruhrgebiet. He works with the lead trainer Satya Singh in 3HO Germany. He also teaches regular weekly classes in Frankfurt/Main and Giessen. Besides Kundalini Yoga he do also a Sat Nam Rasayan.