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Based in Dubai for the last 18 years, Hari Darshan Kaur is an active Kundalini Yoga Instructor with the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) and a pioneer of the movement in the Middle East. A wellness mentor and motivational speaker as well as a committed member of the Kundalini Yoga Wellness and Health Association, she helps to facilitate Beyond Addiction, an internationally-recognized recovery program for addiction. In addition to her current training in the psychotherapeutic modality of Compassionate Inquiry as well as the Healthy Breast Foundations Program, she has plans to teach in the less privileged communities of Palestine and Syria, working as an intern with the academy (KRI) and continuing to develop mindfulness initiatives for schools. Educated at both McGill University and the London School of Economics with an MA in International Relations, Hari Darshan Kaur began her career as a corporate banker, progressing into the world of communications and later becoming an independent mentor in the realm of emotional intelligence. A Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), Timeline Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy, Hari Darshan Kaur is married with three children and moves frequently between Dubai, Toronto and London.

Arabic, English, French