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I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga for about 18 years and I am part of KRI Aquarian Trainer Academy since 2008 and as a Professional trainer since 2015. I live and teach in Bangkok, Thailand. I previously had a Seva project, teaching Kundalini Yoga to recovering drug addicts at a local hospital. Presently my KRI Level 3 Seva project is 'Sacred Circle'-Embracing Your Spiritual Destiny. I have created a website for this project to make it a global tool for teachers to use worldwide in their communities. Kundalini Yoga as taught be Yogi Bhajan has had a transformative impact on my spiritual development and life, especially since I became a teacher trainer. Therefore, I want to transmit these invaluable teachings. They have become my purpose in this lifetime and my commitment . Teaching in the spirit of Compassion and Peace to all those who are interested in a journey of rediscovery of self. I am interested in 'states of consciousness', breaking through inner blocks and transformation! I manage three websites: and; created this website part of my global Seva project as my Level Three project- -

Inspired to share and serve others seeking real change, transformation and connection based on personal experience with kundalini yoga. Currently offering retreat experiences and online programs to help others set foundations of daily practice. Programs include conscious cooking, conscious pregnancy, celestial communication and aromatherapy. Related interests in drumming, native teachings and story telling.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, since 1987, teaching KY since 2002. Has taught KY public classes to all age groups (kindergarten-80+), to able and disable bodied persons, in English/ Thai/ French/Dutch/Vietnamese; has taught KY in international education setting. Has been a member of KY Asia Level 1Teacher Certification Program (TCP) Thailand and regional (Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand), serving on all KY Asia training programs and all KY Asia events (Festival, White Tantric), the Radiant Child Yoga Program (RCYP). Has served on KRI Immersion China in 2010, 2012-2015, and Espanola-US in 2015. KRI Certified 21 Stages Professional Trainer. Certified Gong Yoga teacher and Gong Therapy (Feb 2017). Please feel free to write to me if you need help while traveling to Asia for KY events. Sat Nam. Contact: Mobile: ++66-8-7055-4787 Skype: tinytien.;;

English, Thai