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I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga for about 18 years now. I live and teach in Bangkok, Thailand. Presently, I teach at the JW Marriott Hotel at Sukhumvit Soi 2 in BKK, Health Spa, 6th Floor. Previously had a Seva project, teaching Kundalini Yoga to recovering alcoholics and drug addicts at a local hospital. Presently KRI Level 3 Seva project 'Sacred Circle'. Kundalini Yoga as taught be Yogi Bhajan is the mainstay of my life and my speciality is to pass these teachings on in the spirit of Compassion and Peace to all those who come my way! I am mostly interested in 'the mind' and changing behavior-transformation! Manage websites : and and -

Inspired to share based on personal experience with retreats and yogic lifestyles. Dedicated to support those seeking real change and transformation. Committed to offering authentic retreat experiences and helping others set foundations of daily practice - programs include home based kundalini yoga studio with monthly class schedule, daily sadhana, homestay program, residential retreats, destination retreats, conscious cooking, conscious pregnancy, and aromatherapy. Related interests in drumming, native teachings and story telling. Associate level in the Aquarian Trainer Academy.