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I was born in Valencia (Spain), training in Madrid as a yoga teacher. I met Sarabjit Kaur Khalsa in Madrid. I was in the second KY training course in Madrid, and have assisted in this course for twenty years. I work as a KY trainer, teacher and counselor, in Spain and Europe. I work as a computer programming teacher in Madrid, and run a tiny business of ecological grocery, growing and delivering them. We are building up an ashram, in Guadalajara (Spain) Since 1992 I have been assisting the European Yoga Festival. I was blessed to meet the Siri Singh Sahib four times, and he, personally gave my name in Barcelona in 1992. I lived as a Khalsa for 20 years, and finally took Khalsa vows in 2010. In free time I develop water ram pumps, and think on electrical power generation systems.