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Born and raised in India, Priya had an early exposure to a myriad of religious beliefs, traditions, philosophies, and spiritual practices, leading her to question and seek the answers to the underlying Truth of life. Her firm foundation in the wisdom traditions of the East and her curious application of science and practicality of the West, bring about a seamless bridging of the Heart and Mind in all her offerings. Through her insistence on the practical application of spirituality in everyday life, she has become a catalyst for deep transformation and growth in the evolutionary journey of her students. Priya is also the co-founder of the Seventh Chakra Institute of Spiritual Sciences (SCISS) in California. She is a Motivational Speaker, and a Spiritual Life Coach, leads Workshops and Spiritual Retreats and is the Lead Faculty for SCISS Trainings. Through her relentless work, she continues to inspire countless, to clear their lives, commit to their own happiness and inspire others through their strength, stability, presence, and compassion. Follow her on Instagram @seventhchakrayoga For more info and current offerings visit:

English, Hindi, Panjabi

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Level Two Lifecycles and Lifestyles — 26611 Carancho Rd, Temecula, CA 92590, USA, May 25, 2024 to Sep 8, 2024