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I was born and raised 1984 in south Germany (Schweinfurt) and I´m a mother of 4 wonderful children. I got in touch with KY during my first pregnancy in 2001. Since the beginning of the level 1 teacher training at 3HO in 2012 I started teaching KY regularly. In following years I completed the Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga training (3HO), the Yoga and psychology training (3HO) as well as several other karam kriya and KY workshops. Since 2014 I organise Yoga retreats in foreign countries like Croatia and Spain, twice a year. KY has accompanied and supported me from the beginning, through all ups and downs in my life. Therefore I spread the teachings in my courses, workshops and retreats wholehearted and with complete conviction. Currently I am in the mentoring process as a Level1 Intern with Dharma Singh.

German, English