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Level 1 Professional Trainer. Specialities include Sound and Mantra. Resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. See for more information.


Sat Santokh is a Lead Trainer who has been on the cutting edge of our collective evolution in consciousness for over fifty years. A former manager of the Grateful Dead and a peace activist since the late 50's, he first began to offer Teacher Training in 1972. His focus is the critical relationship between inner peace and world peace, and the evolution of human consciousness. He leads Self Worth workshops, healing the inner wounds that prevent us from allowing ourselves full access to life’s abundance, and trains others in how to do this work. He believes that we each need to develop the capacity to give ourselves permission (by healing our wounds) to succeed in our personal lives and our life missions, so that we can achieve inner peace and become radiant examples of how to live on the planet.

Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level One Teacher Training — San Leandro, CA, USA, Oct 26, 2019 to Jun 14, 2020