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Yogi Bhajan's student since 80's, I've been teaching Kundalini Yoga to groups & individual regularly since 1986. Conscious Pregnancy Lead trainer. Sat Nam Rasayan healer and teacher. Passioned for Humanology: polarities, women & men, children, communication and relationship, crisis & transformation. Basing on that teachings I offer Yoga Counseling. Co-founder & trainer of "Yogare per crescere" (Yoging & Growing) Yoga for children program rooted in Kundalini Yoga and in psychology of growth its teachers training program. Founder and activities coordinator of Shakti, since 1990 Kundalini Yoga & Sat Nam Rasayan in Rome. Level 1 & 2 & 21 Staqes of Meditation Lead trainer, Level 3 certified, I'm a mentor for new ATA trainers. I love to teach around the globe. Info about courses and workshops are also on I teach in Italian and English. Since 1990 I am the teaching coordinator of Shakti YogaLab, Kundalini Yoga center in Rome, Italy, and chairwoman of the connected no profit association. Karta Singh and I have been married since 1990 and since 1995 we have a wonderful daughter, Sat Kirn Kaur Chiara.

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Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level Two Mind and Meditation — Via del Forte Bravetta, 170, 00164 Roma RM, Italy, Nov 17, 2023 to Jun 8, 2024

Hari Bhajan was born in Rome where she lives with her family. Mother of two boys has always made a priority the conscious growth of her son and in the care of her family. In 1995 she began the practice of Kundalini Yoga and the study of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Since then she has been deepening the study of the Humanology science as introduced by Yogi Bhajan with focus on topics such as couple relationships, female personal development, interpersonal communication and and Yoga for adolescents. Moreover she has been involved in teaching to people with disorders in learning ability. At the present moment she teaches and organizes Level1 ,level 2 and professional courses worldwide such as "The Yoga of Asana," "The Yoga of Pranayama", "Prathyar", " Yama and Nyama" and courses about Relationship.

Italian, English

Kundalini yoga teacher since 1990, cofounder of Associazione Shakti, KRI teacher and trainer. Teacher of "yoga in business environments" and "Yoga for stress program", Karta Singh is a teacher of the Associazione Shakti and manages the community site of Associazione Shakti and the website He is a long time practitioner of Sat Nam Rasayan, that he started to practice when Guru Dev Singh came to Italy almost twenty years ago. Karta Singh enjoys living a life of yoga and spirituality with a solid grounding in everyday life: contract professor of informatics at the University of Siena since 1999, he is a consultant in information security and a manager: director of NBS, a consultancy firm based in Italy. Former President and CEO of US-Boards, an electronic manufacturer based in Scottsdale, AZ. He frequently teaches Humanology and Kundalini yoga with his wife, Guru Jiwan Kaur.

English, Italian