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Tonie Nooyens is an experienced practitioner in different traditions of meditation, meditational yoga and healing. He is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and one of the lead trainers on the KRI Asia Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program. He travels widely, facilitating teacher training and teaching workshops and retreats throughout Asia including: Cambodia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan. Originally from The Netherlands, Tonie has lived and worked in Asia and Africa for more than 30 years, working in the field of development management and human resource development. Since 1990 he has lived in Southeast Asia. As from January 2007, he has been based in Cambodia, conducting a Yoga and Meditation training program for Cambodians, and setting up stress and trauma relief activities, as well as communication and personal capacity training for vulnerable groups.

Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level Two Mind and Meditation — Sri Lanka, Aug 31, 2019 to Dec 7, 2019
Level One Teacher Training — Colombo, Sri Lanka, Sep 14, 2019 to Mar 1, 2020
Level Two Authentic Relationships — Pharping, Dakshinkali 44600, Nepal, Oct 16, 2019 to Jan 22, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — Bangkok, Thailand, Nov 2, 2019 to Apr 10, 2020
Level Two Conscious Communication — Pharping, Dakshinkali 44600, Nepal, Mar 20, 2020 to Jun 26, 2020
21 Stages of Meditation - All Journeys — Pharping, Dakshinkali 44600, Nepal, May 20, 2020 to May 31, 2020
Level Two Lifecycles and Lifestyles — Pharping, Dakshinkali 44600, Nepal, Sep 4, 2020 to Dec 11, 2020