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Hari is a yogini, teacher and author, who shares the powerful and healing teachings of Kundalini Yoga with students of all levels around the world. Hari leads classes, workshops, and teacher training programs and is known for building communities of spirit. Hari’s two books, “A Woman's Book of Yoga – Embracing Our Natural Life Cycles” (Penguin 2002) and “A Woman's Book of Meditation – Discovering the Power of a Peaceful Mind” (Penguin 2006) help women worldwide. Caring, inspiring, and down-to-earth, Hari is based in New York City and married to jazz musician Dave Frank, Hari and Dave bring yoga and music to a city that never sleeps, inspiring the world with their twin passions. Hari and Dave founded Hari NYC - Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Jazz.

Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level Two Lifecycles and Lifestyles — 368 Village St, Millis, MA 02054, USA, Nov 17, 2023 to Mar 2, 2024
Level One Teacher Training — 3840 S Osprey Ave, Sarasota, FL 34239, USA, Mar 8, 2024 to Jul 14, 2024
Level Two Authentic Relationships — 368 Village St, Millis, MA 02054, USA, Apr 12, 2024 to Apr 28, 2024