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Didar Kaur is Lead Trainer and level 2 trainer, certified level 3 teacher who lives in Nth Qld, Australia (near the great barrier reef) & feels very blessed to be able to assist, teach and mentor people from all walks of life to become Kundalini Yoga teachers throughout Australia. Didar comes from a background of health science and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for the past couple of decades. She is a highly accredited health, wellness & breath specialist who specialises in chronic health wellness, has over 30 years teaching experience and is also a Conscious Pregnancy teacher and Radiant Child yoga teacher. She believes that everyone can do Kundalini Yoga and meditation to improve their wellness, be the best that they can be today and fulfill their destiny. She is also the loving Chairperson of Kundalini Yoga Teachers Australia New Zealand Association Incorporated & Kundalini Books Australia NZ.


Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level One Teacher Training — Perth WA, Australia, Aug 28, 2020 to Apr 6, 2021