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I am from the UK but have been living in Sri Lanka for the last 19 years as I came here to marry and then had 3 children. It has been a tremendous learning experience to live in another culture and especially be part of an Asian family and despite the many challenges I have faced, I wouldn't wish it any other way. I found Kundalini yoga in 2013 and signed up for teacher training after a single class having had such a profound experience! I haven't looked back since and have enjoyed learning, practicing and teaching since completing my level 1 training in 2014. I am very fortunate to be part of a wonderful sangat in Sri Lanka and really wonder how different life could have been without that anchor and support that the community brings. Due to some changes in my personal life the future is wide open now and whilst it is a little disconcerting at times, it reminds me to trust and have faith that it is all happening just as it is meant to.