Trainers 2 

Lead teacher trainer Level 1 and Level 2. Trainer of Conscious pregnancy program. 21 one Stages of Meditation. Founder and teacher in Mexico ladies camp since 1990 Founder and director of Instituto de Humanología, México since 1995 She teaches rebirthing as taught by Yogi Bhajan in Mexico Ladies Camp and taught in BC Ladies Camp several times.

Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level One Teacher Training — Juriquilla, Qro., Mexico, Nov 17, 2018 to Sep 22, 2019
Level One Teacher Training — San Andres Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, May 11, 2019 to Mar 15, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — Metepec, State of Mexico, Mexico, Sep 7, 2019 to Jul 12, 2020