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Satnaam. I've been based in London for 22 years. Since 2009 I've organised Level 1 trainings in London and regional counties with Karam Kriya School and teach on Level 1 programs in Europe as a Professional Trainer. I'm a Karam Kriya consultant, teacher and trainer, working with the applied science of spiritual numerology to support people to make meaningful life transitions. I'm currently a Level 2 Intern Trainer with my mentor Shiv Charan Singh and finishing Level 3 as part of the European Beta Program. For many years I've been giving talks in Gurdwaras, teaching on Sikh Retreats and working with interfaith organisations. My teaching includes psychiatric units, with a specialist interest in mental health and spiritual awakening, as well as refugee programs. I'm a Sikh Chaplain, offering spiritual counselling and meditation in hospitals. Topics I'm passionate about include Gurbani, Sikh Dharma, 10 Spiritual Bodies, Humanology, Death & Dying, Journey of the soul, Pranayama, Mind & Meditation.


I've been teaching regular K Yoga classes and workshops since 1999. I teach 4-5 weekly classes, 3 for over 60s in London. I'm a trustee for the Guru Ram Das Project in London, UK and Nam Anand in Spain. Since 2010 I work as missle group leader at the Guru Ram Das Gurdwara at the EYF. I'm a Professional with Karam Kriya School in different L1 teaching training in the UK, Spain, and Portugal. I speak Spanish and English fluently. I have taught all L1 Aquarian Teacher modules: Yogic Philosophy, Mind/Meditation, Humanology, Roles and Responsibilities have been the most frequent subject areas. I'm mentoring for L2 with Shiv Charan Singh and part of the L3 Beta Cohort. I am a Karam Kriya Consultant and work as a psychotherapist (MSc, BA Hons.) and see regular clients both privately and at a multi-ethnic counselling project in London.

English, Spanish