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Born 79` in Germany. Father, Husband, Socialworker, Rockclimber. A Soul on its journey. Teaching in the Divine Human School with Gurumarka Singh Khalsa as Mentor and in the Karam Kriya School under the guidance of Shiv Charan Singh Khalsa.

German, English

Siri Gopal Kaur from Frankfurt. She is a qualified Romanist and Educational Scientist, Lecturer and has been working since 2002 as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. In daily classes, she is a full time instructor of Kundalini Yoga for all ages, providing healing services and setting up her yoga school Sunchildren Yoga to inspire adolescents around the world. As an instructor for Yoga Teachers for Kids & Adolescents and Kundalini Yoga Level 1, she works with the Shuniya School for Kundalini Yoga. In the Sangat, Siri Gopal is involved with the organization of the White Tantra Yoga Course in Frankfurt. In addition to teaching, she experiences her destiny as a Sat Nam Rasayan & Gong healer. Her teachers Atma Singh & Atma Kaur, Vani Levi, gong player from Argentina, Don Conreaux, globally recognized GrandMaster of the Gongs and Jens Zygar inspire her again and again.

German, English, Spanish, Italian