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Devpreet discovered Kundalini Yoga on a trip to Canada, and was immediately hooked by its transformational powers, it was like the world had been removed from her shoulders. When again she stumbled upon it in Sydney, she knew it was destiny and thus began her journey to become a teacher and share her passion of Kundalini Yoga with the community. She believes deeply in the healing qualities of Kundalini Yoga and how accessible it can be for all. She is the founding member and creator of the first ever not for profit, Kundalini Yoga Collective, which makes the teachings affordable and accessible but also is strongly focused on building a community of teachers who come together with the one common purpose to serve. Devpreet is the organiser of the Ajai Alai Asia trainings in Australia, a level 2 teacher and an Associate Trainer in the Academy. She is the founding Director of the Kundalini Festival Australia. She’s currently studying Sunchild Yoga, Gestalt therapy, numerology and breath work to expand her knowledge base and continue to uplift others in their journey.