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I am Lead Trainer in Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya Consultancy and very passionate about creating a more humane world. This is reflected in my enthusiasm when teaching. I am co-founder of the Kundalini Yoga Training Institute Cherdi Kala Yoga International, initiator of Yogaschule Golden Temple, founder of Yogahouse Prasaad and have co-developped the Divine Woman Program. I have been living and teaching Kundalini Yoga in different countries to students with a broad variety of social and cultural backgrounds including elderly people, drug rehabilitation centres, prison, schools, kindergardens. Extended travels into Asia after accomplishing my Master’s studies in sociology, communication and organisational psychology in Germany and Spain back my understanding about Asian culture and philosophy, especially yoga. I strongly advocate female solidarity as well as community building and have specialised in Karam Kriya and Sikh Dharma, while Teachings for Women, Pregnancy Yoga, Conscious Parenting, Humanology, Yogic Lifestyle and Conscious Communication are also very close to my heart and often themes of my workshops. Together with my husband and our two sons I am living in South-Germany at Yogahouse Prasaad – a retreat place for conscious living in nature. I teach throughout Europe and Australasia. -

Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level One Teacher Training — Geldrop, Netherlands, May 4, 2019 to Mar 23, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — Kaiserstraße 13, 80801 München, Germany, Sep 21, 2019 to Jul 13, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — Almenstraße 11, 78234 Engen, Germany, Oct 9, 2019 to May 26, 2020

Hari Krishan Singh Is a Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer level 1 and 2 with the Karam Kriya School, teaching both Karam Kriya and Kundalini Yoga world-wide. His sense of humour and clarity allow him to transmit deep topics with a refreshing lightness and ease. He is co-founder of the International Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya School Cherdi Kala, Golden Temple Yogaschool and Yoga House Prasaad; a Kundalini Yoga Retreat Centre in Germany near the Swiss border.

German, English, Dutch

Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level One Teacher Training — Ghent, Belgium, Mar 2, 2019 to Feb 3, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — Eindhoven, Netherlands, May 4, 2019 to Apr 6, 2020
Level Two Conscious Communication — Zevenaar, Netherlands, Sep 26, 2019 to Dec 30, 2019
Level One Teacher Training — Volendam, Netherlands, Sep 28, 2019 to Jul 7, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — Leuven, Belgium, Oct 5, 2019 to Jul 14, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — Ghent, Belgium, Feb 29, 2020 to Jan 11, 2021
Level Two Authentic Relationships — Antwerp, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium, Apr 9, 2020 to Jul 13, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — Mahón, Balearic Islands, Spain, Apr 22, 2020 to Sep 29, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — 820 10 Arbrå, Sweden, May 7, 2020 to Nov 23, 2020
Level Two Mind and Meditation — 78234 Engen, Germany, Jul 1, 2020 to Oct 4, 2020
Level Two Lifecycles and Lifestyles — 8314 Bant, Netherlands, Oct 8, 2020 to Jan 11, 2021