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Devpreet discovered Kundalini Yoga on a trip to Canada way back in 2006. She'd never done a yoga class before but was immediately hooked by its transformational powers. Arriving back in Sydney she tracked it down and thus began her journey to become a teacher and share her passion of Kundalini Yoga with the community. She believes deeply in the healing qualities of Kundalini Yoga and how accessible it can be for all. She created the first not for profit, Kundalini Yoga Collective, which ran for seven years. She's the director of Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia, and is a practicing Gestalt therapist. Devpreet spent five years organising the Ajai Alai Asia trainings in Australia, and finished her level 2 teacher and an Associate Trainer in the Academy with Sat Sarbat. She’s in the process of completing six month training on tantric numerology, is a qualified Sunchild Yoga teacher, completed all journeys of 21stages and runs a small business called the Collective Healing Centre, which creates healing spaces for all paths to self discovery and awareness.