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As a Kundalini Yoga Associate trainer, organizing for the third KRI Teacher Trainings Level One in French-speaking Switzerland: advertising, recruiting students, finding locations, organizing trainers travels, cooking, teaching, account administration with KRI, student's follow-up & support, pre-exam review, sadhana follow-up, graduation ceremony, offering teaching platform for graduate teachers. Started Level 2 in Lausanne by Conscious Communication's module with Hari Har Ji Kaur from UK and Nirmal Singh from Austria, facilitating Level 2 study group each month between modules, participating in Trainers' Forums at European festival, Summer and Winter Solstices, actively taking part in the planning team. Taught Level 1 week-end in Belgium about Naad and Mantras. Member of the KRI Level 3 US-EU steering committee, US-EU Mela orientation team, observer for KRI new decision making system, Nkytas and Ikyta meetings, the Collaborative Response Team meetings, International Relationships Lead for 3HO Swiss. Since 2015, gathering the Lausanne's Sangat through Level 3 Seva Legacy Project in 40 days of Kundalini Yoga each years and offering, since March 2020, 40 days of Zoom Sadhana, with the purpose to give each teachers participating, a new opportunity to teach online while coaching them as a Trainer.

German, English, French, Flemish, Polish