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Dev Amrit Kaur has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since her early 20s when she was studying in London. She fell in love with the practice and with the changes it created in her life, so she decided to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher following the KRI training. After a few years she went back to Mexico City and established Rama School of Yoga, with her husband Gurujodha Singh. And together they have been training teachers for more that 11 years. She also specialized in Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga, and is a certified Conscious Pregnancy Teacher Trainer. She currently takes care of her son, her home and travels to teach around Mexico and South America. Also she is very interested and immerses herself in research, application and teaching of the Women's Teachings by Yogi Bhajan.

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We run Level 1, 2 and Conscious Pregnancy Teacher Trainings in Mexico and in South America.

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Level Two Mind and Meditation — Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico, Mar 3, 2022 to Jul 14, 2022

Ex Teacher of Philosophy at the University (Mexico, 1975-77). Ex Assistant to Theater & Movie Director (1975-78).Teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1980.Ex Entrepreneur in the Little and Medium Natural Food Business (1978-1992). Ex High Executive in the Telecom/IT Corporations (1992-2002). Twice President of the Mexican Kundalini Yoga Association (1990-92/1999-2003). President of Centro de Estudios Avanzados, AC (2004-2009) heading Shunia Yoga Center (Mexico City). Now Healer, Coach, Concerts producer and Chairman of the Fundación yogasmostodos, AC (2009-?/ Non Profit) which dedicates itself to the expansion of the SSS's teachings, specially to people who have little financial resources.

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I’m part of a school named RAMA, that organizes Teacher Training programs in Mexico. I teach mostly in Mexico City, but we have different programs around the country. You can see more at At the moment I’m specializing in postures, although I love many other topics we have in the Training . I studied professionally Architecture, and have a firm called Conscious Architecture My contact information is:| Address: Citlalteptl #8. Depot. 102. Col. Condesa. Mexico City Telephone: 525530069383

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Maestra de Kundalini Yoga en México. Imparto workshops para el manejo del estrés y el equilibrio de la salud física, emocional, mental y espiritual. Diseño cursos especiales para empresas, instituciones públicas, escuelas y universidades


KRI Certified Level 1 instructor and Level 2 practitioner. Professional Trainer in the Trainer Academy. Practiced Kundalini Yoga since 1985 Has taught Kundalini Yoga for 28 years everyday. Has been teaching in the Yoga Center: "Akal Purkh" for 28 years Teaches all themes of Level 1. Part of Mexico Ladies camp staff (1992 - 2000)


My name is Guru Devi Kaur, I started my training with Baba Ji. I later went on to enter the Academy with Pritam Pal Singh as my Mentor. The experience has been intense but with a lot of learning. I have been able to stay ahead of my health challenges that almost make me lose my life. But thanks to my tenacity, discipline with technique and spiritual development, I am alive,! I am also an artist and my art has also sustained me as I continue to search and create. Thanks to the Guru that I am on this path. I have been able to serve in many ways: created a Langar community that still continues to serve the needy; gathered together people from nursing homes; and helped a community of women and children who escaped violence. I continue to teach yoga classes. I am Level 2 certified and now I am participating in Level 3. My current level is Associate but I am moving forward to Professional this year.