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When Dharamjot attended her first sadhana in 2005 she was hooked on Kundalini Yoga. Soon after her first class she enrolled in Teacher training to develop her personal practice but realised it was too good not to share. She left her day job at University of Melbourne to live a yogic lifestyle that lead her to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here she was to teach at Chayo studio for a month but fell in love and ended up living in KL for more than 10 years. Here she taught regularly at Chayo Studio, Sri Dasmesh Primary school and at other locations. She is a member of Tonie Nooyens teacher training team and has assisted with 5 Level 1 teacher training courses since 2009. She has now moved back to her home town Melbourne where she teaches Kundalini Yoga online and at Kundalini House, Yoga Studio.