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I'm the President of the Asociación without spirit of profit, Nam Anand for Kundalini Yoga, Karam Kriya and Healing. We have a social projection with work in the area of mistreatment and abuse in women for 10 years and we will begin to work with child abuse soon, applying the Kundalini Yoga teachings. I organize Level 1 and 2 training in several cities in Spain, Yoga for Pregnancy and soon for Children's Yoga


Ongoing and Upcoming Programs

Level One Teacher Training — Muro de Alcoy, Alicante, Spain, Feb 15, 2020 to Nov 29, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — Burgos, Spain, Feb 29, 2020 to Dec 10, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — Madrid, Spain, Mar 14, 2020 to Dec 20, 2020
Level One Teacher Training — León, Spain, Mar 21, 2020 to Dec 27, 2020