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Akasha Kaur has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and Pre & postnatal Yoga with dedication for many years. Her clear way of teaching distinguishes her as a yoga teacher. In the many years of teaching, she has inspired people to find a technique in Kundalini Yoga to live a holistic and happy life and to grow inwardly. Akasha Kaur is pleased to pass on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Since 2016, Akasha Kaur has successfully organized a Kundalini Yoga Women's Camp over several days each year. She is also co-organizer of the White Tantra in Berlin. She is married for over 20 years and mother of 4 children.


Amrit Kaur, born 1963 in northern Germany has practiced KY since 1987. Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer and pregnancy yoga teacher trainer since 1994. Co-Founder of the Kundalini Yoga Center Berlin in 1991. Professional background: M.A. in philosophy, linguistics and literature. Mother of one daughter. Speaks and teaches in German, English, French and Spanish (& a little Italian). Has been teaching in Germany, Holland, Italy, England, France, Estonia, Spain, US and Brazil. Specialties: Humanology, womens yoga, pregnancy yoga, role of a teacher, postures, nutrition, yogic philosophy. Contact: Phone: +49 (0)175 955 16 26.

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Bibi Nanaki Kaur means child of the house of Nanak. Guru Nanak came to carry the light through the Kali Yug. As a child of his house I am blessed to be a Lighthouse in the Age of Aquarius sharing the wonderful teachings of Kundalini Yoga whereever the call comes from. Kundalini Yoga is part of my life since 1997, teaching it since 2000. I am very happy to be part of international Level 1&2 training teams worlwide. I speak German, English, Spanish and French and work as a free-lance conference interpreter for Spanish and English.

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Dashmesh Singh Khalsa explores the art of meditation since the age of 16. As a direct student of Yogi Bhajan and Guru Dev Singh he is practicing Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan for more than 34 years. He is a KRI certificated Lead Trainer and he is teaching Kundalini Yoga Level 1+2 and Sat Nam Rasayan in Europe since 1992. As a Healer, Naturopath and Physiotherapist he leads the “Ananda Healthcare Center” ( in Berlin.

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Teaching Kundalini Yoga to the English speaking community in Berlin!

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Teaching KY since 2010 in Berlin at gyms, yoga studios, university, corporate yoga, personal training and on German KY festival. Translating a dozen KRI publications into German. Offering KY workshops & retreats since 2011. Organizer of 1st White Tantric Yoga in Berlin 2015. Creator & adminstrator of Berlin KY Sangat facebook group. Director of Yoga Japa - school for conscious living since 2017 together with my wife Paramjeet Kaur.

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